Where do the fruits get made?

- All our products are made in our cafes located in Selden and Smithtown. Each cafe is Suffolk County Health Department Certified and we follow all health codes and guidelines

What days do you deliver? Can I reserve a delivery time?

- We deliver 7 days a week. Due to the high volume of orders, and the fact that our gifts are made fresh, just before delivery, we can only guarantee a delivery date, not specific times. Orders will be delivered before 5pm to businesses and 7pm for residences. Generally, most orders are delivered between 2pm and 6pm daily.  

What happens if the recipient is not available?

- We will leave a door tag letting them know they have a gift waiting for them with our phone number. Once they contact us we will attempt to redeliver their gift the following day. We cannot leave gifts unattended as they are edible and subject to spoilage. 

Do you do same day delivery?

- Our cutoff time is 12pm for same day orders.

Who makes the products?

- Our local artisans craft each fruit bouquet or berry order each day. We use the freshest fruits and orders are crafted just before heading out for delivery. Each artisan is fully trained to follow all health and food handling codes and guidelines

What happens after I place my order?

When your order is placed on the website, you will see a "Thank You" page, which will have an online order confirmation number on it. This is confirmation that your order has successfully been placed. The order will be fulfilled and delivered on the desired day. 

Customer service phone number?

- For any issues or unanswered questions, please call 631-656-8866